Little black girl with Pigtails

This is all based on meditation and dreams. After completing this series of meditation, I discovered that it’s best to wait until the project is fully complete. You will understand once you read all four parts. My goal is to summarize after I’ve put thought and analyzed because each journey is different and fun. You may believe I’m crazy and you can but open your mind to all possibilities. ALL OF THEM.


I once had a dream there was a little black girl in a convenience store. There were a lot of people in the store. It seems as if they surrounded her. But I assume that’s just the way it felt to her. She was nervous as if she was doing something new. She wanted to run out of there but she wouldn’t for some reason.

She handed the cashier two envelopes. One was .33 cent higher than it should have been and the other was a $50 in an envelope marked rent.  She wasn’t sure which to hand him so she gave him both. The cashier gave it back and said this is not rent. When he handed it back, It was as if he was handing it to me. I was suddenly the person who handed it to him.

I had this dream a little over a year ago. It was simple but it stuck with me. I have always had psychic dreams growing up and into adulthood. Sometimes my dreams are symbolic. For example; before I left home to move across the country (alone) I dreamed of swimming pools and enjoying the water. This was literally a dream about facing my fears. It wasn’t a psychic dream about me physically swimming. On the other hand, I’ve had dreams where I’ve seen cheating and it comes to light, new job opportunities etc. Or I see a fight that I am going to have in my relationship. And then it happens.

This particular dream has always felt important to me. It nagged at me for being more than a dream. It couldn’t have been the future because I’m an adult.


I refer to my meditations that look into my past lives as dives. There is literally no other way for me to describe it. I looked up ways to review past lives. I try to be as detailed as possible in every way.

I entered a library. The details aren’t clear. I sat down and picked up a book. It was a day before my birthday and the book was white with gold lettering and it said Happy Birthday.

I opened the book and I was looking at two little girls walking on a deserted beach with their mom.


I appeared in a dark hallway door with light peeking through. Once I was on the other side of the door I was in a big library. There was a couch and chair inside. The chair is to left. The room felt gold and red. The fire is blazing high and bright. There was another door to the left, A few feet behind the chair. I walked through that door and see clouds and a beautiful blue sky. I walk downstairs hidden by a cloud and I see this old dusty kitchen. It’s well lit but still feels very dark. I feel no emotion.
I see a young black girl with pigtails. Long and wavy. A wooden table was in the middle with a hallway perpendicular to it. A man dressed in black grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the pantry which had a curtain hanging in the doorway for privacy. He kissed her like she was an adult and like he’d done it before.
This was my first experience and when he grabbed the little girl and brought her into the pantry, I forced myself out (in my mind) but it was too late. I had already witnessed it. Once I began to process everything that I saw, I realized that this is what happened.
I have never been sexually molested or raped.I honestly had a pretty safe childhood despite the struggle that real life tends to bring. I have always had trouble forgiving pedophiles. I can forgive many actions but any type of person who intentionally or negligently harms children automatically turns them into the scum of the Earth to me.
Before each dive I ask my guides for guidance and to keep me safe. I also make sure I’m well rested, as falling alseep does not help this process at all.

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