Let the Journey Begin!


The World has much more to offer than what is on the surface. We must challenge ourselves daily to open our mind up to new possibilities. I am currently studying chakra and fully opening my third eye, which is the penal gland.


I have always considered myself a pretty spiritual person. However, in the last year, I realized that the “favor” that Christians speak so much about was never bestowed upon me.

Was this bad period a test? A punishment? A lesson? Did I do something wrong? Should I have prayed more? etc. etc.

I felt that Christianity kept me in a constant state of guilt and never being good enough, while at the same time telling me I’m good enough. It was very confusing.

I began to question God completely, then I changed my complete concept of God to one I feel is right. When I picture God, I picture a gigantic body that encompasses everything that is life. The entire universe. We all make up a small part but we are also all connected.

Instead of praying to an outside God we should be praying to the god within us that connects us all together. This is why love is so important. The only thing in life that is pure.

Eventually, I decided to follow my heart. I like research. Concrete evidence for myself. I don’t need to be able to prove my soul is real to others, I know it’s real. I’m 100% positive.


I believe that everyone’s journey and purpose is different. My truth is different than yours. You can’t tell someone that is color blind that the sky is a bright blue and it may be a fact to them. But it’s not a fact to the colorblind person because the way they see colors is different.

We as human beings have relied only upon what we see. It’s time that we broaden our mind to the limitless possibilities.